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FiT Hot Yoga will be merging with Mojo Fit Studios, to become the new Mojo Fit Studios! Leaf and I (Lucky) love the studio and we love all of you! We have a growing family of three kids ages three and under so it was an easy decision to come together with Mojo FiT Studios and step down from running and owning the studio. Kristen has had an awesome thing going over at Mojo Fit Studios for a long time now, and the new Mojo Fit Studios will be even better with multiple locations and two brand new spaces! As the studios come together on the 1st of July our location on 38th Ave. will close. You as members at FiT Hot Yoga will immediately have access to yoga at all Mojo Fit Studios locations. All of your package sessions will be active and available to use as the two studios become one. Just look for your favorite class on and sign up! The new Mojo Fit Studios will be an awesome fusion of two great yoga communities. We (Leaf and I) want to thank you all for 7 wonderful years! We hope to see you next to us in class, on the mat at the new Mojo Fit Studios!

Here are some of the other details: 
Over the next week, you will be merged into the Mojo Fit Studios WellnessLiving system and will receive an email to set up your new password at Mojo. If you already have a MFS account you can skip this step.   There is a quick link to the scheduling app at