​​FIT 1
This class is for all skill levels. F1 is practiced at lower heat and humidity levels than our other classes and offers a great opportunity for the beginner and intermediate level yogi to learn the flows. 

This class is designed for all skill levels. Heat and humidity levels are higher than F1 and advanced poses and techniques are practiced.

This class is the most intense pure yoga workout this side of the Indian Ocean. The heat and humidity levels are high and the sessions are smooth and powerful.

This class is designed to workout your entire body. Sculpt is an intense flow that weaves cardio and strength training together into one incredible workout. Free weights are used. Be ready to sweat! 

Fire-Lit Flow
This class is awesome! A slow flow, relaxation focused, candle-lit workout that restores mental tranquility and burns calories at the same time. A great way to release that stress and anxiety of the daily life, all the while gently working your body as your mind declutters. All skill levels will feel perfectly at home. This class is heated.

This class is for experienced yogis. It consists of a wide range of focus areas, from a pure sculpt session, to a one hour workshop on inversions and everything in between! The class content will be at the instructors discretion, and may vary radically from session to session.