ONE WEEK OF FREE YOGA                                    

Single class session:                                                   $17

10 class sessions:                                                       $140

1 month unlimited:                                                      $145

1 month unlimited:                                                      $120*                       * with direct deposit per month

3 month membership:                                                 $95*                        *with direct deposit per month 

6 month membership:                                                 $88*                       * with direct deposit per month 

1 year membership:                                                    $80*                        * with direct deposit per month

Note: These prices for seniors, children, active duty military, and students are reduced by 10%.
Family Rates: 20% off all membership for family of 2 or more

*Students: Student ID must be shown at the time of purchase 
*Senior: 55 years and above; please show ID to verify
*Military: Applies to all military with valid ID or documentation
*Memberships are auto-renewal. We require 30 day cancellation notice
*Minimum age is 12 years old when accompanied by a parent